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UX Design Portfolio

While design for print will always be my first love, I was keen to explore digital design and UX really caught my interest. With that in mind I looked at the study options and settled on the Google UX Design Professional Certificate, as it covered every stage of the UX process in depth, and I would graduate with three finished projects and case studies. Please feel free to explore these projects below.

Trust A Chef.jpg

Trust A Chef Mobile App

Trust A Chef is an app for food lovers who want to discover the best places to eat in their local area. It encourages users to leave tailored reviews in order to gain points, which can be turned into discount vouchers. Users can also make reservations from this app. I've targeted customers who have a bit of money to spend and want to spend it wisely.

Click here to view Trust A Chef app

Click here to view the full Case Study

Happy Pets Website

Happy Pets is a website for a locally owned small veterinary practice. It is unique in that it encourages pet owners to complete tasks online rather than in-person or on the phone, such as registering your pet or booking an appointment. You can also sign up for things like reminders about vaccinations, targeting busy people who care a lot about their pets.

Click here to view Happy Pets website

Click here to view the full Case Study

Happy Pets.jpg
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